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Perfecting the Art of

Front of House

When a guests arrives at your office every element of their experience impacts upon the impression they create of your company. If the journey is disjointed, confused or simply unprofessional, a guest will start to wonder whether working with you is a good idea, perhaps wondering ‘if this is what goes on here, what happens behind the scenes in production and delivery?’

A good reception is one that reflects your company brand, your company culture and matches the expectations created by your marketing materials.

And this is what we do.

We work with clients to design, hire and implement high-level guest experiences within their businesses and translate their brand, mission and values into something that their team deliver seamlessly, authentically and consistently.

The secret to a good reception is simple.

It involves ensuring that the company values and culture, created in the boardroom, are translated throughout the organisation and are readily accepted and expressed by those commissioned to create that all important first impression.

If you’re unsure how your Corporate Reception service is currently measuring up, or if you’ve had an experience else where you’d love to see in your own organisation, then let’s connect.

I will be more than happy to visit you onsite and provide a complimentary assessment of your reception. Our assessments reach beyond a simple ‘mystery shopper’ and diagnose the core issues behind the scenes that need addressing.

To book an appointment please email me or via LinkedIn.

Our Services

Audit services

How does your reception service measure up?

Our Mystery Reception audits provide insight into what happens when existing and prospective visitors, customers and guests engage with your reception and front of house teams.  Our audits provide an opportunity for you to benchmark your reception service against industry standards and provide a snapshot of your reception service experience.

When a guest arrives at your offices every element of their experience impacts upon the impression they create of your company.
Regular audits are an important part of building your brand and ensuring you create the right first impression.

Consultancy services

Would insight into your reception service be useful?

Once we have a diagnostic of how well your reception or front of house service is currently performing, we’ll identify where the gaps are in your service performance.

We’ll help you identify where your service culture is today and to then align your thinking,  processes and the team for where you want your service to be.  We’ll make sure they are living your brand authentically.

So if you’ve seen something in another organization you want to replicate in your own office, tell us and we’ll make it happen.

Front of House Training 

Raise the bar through our Facing Front of House Academy

Our Facing Front of House Academy helps individuals and teams develop a “service mindset” and achieve consistently memorable visitor and guest experiences that truly represent your brand.

We provide bespoke and tailored training as well as open programmes where people can share expertise and connect with others in the industry.

Our trainers and Coaches are experts in the corporate reception and front of house services arena first and foremost passionate about helping your reception service be the very best it can be.

Book a Complimentary Audit of Your Reception

I offer a no obligation, complimentary one-hour visit. In coming to meet with you I will audit my experience with your reception and provide immediate feedback of my observations. I will leave you with scorecard of your performance and a step-by-step process for making improvements.

Travel costs do apply outside of London.

About Us

Sue Carroll Insights provide full assessments of your reception and guest service offer, identifying the core issues. We’ll work with you to understand your brand, your mission and values and make sure they are translated by those creating that all important first impression. Our founding member, Sue has more than 30 years experience in Front of House services working at The Dorchester, The Four Seasons and The Hilton before working for Portico Corporate Reception Services and more recently also qualifying as an Investors in People Practitioner.

Sue is passionate about helping organisations put their people at the heart of their vision, realise potential and develop a people plan that supports business objectives to improve performance and service.